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The stock exchange of Thailand (Financial knowledge hub)

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

The first field trip at Maruey knowledge and resources center in The stock exchange of Thailand (Financial Knowledge Hub). In the beginning, it was an introduction about SET and the meaning of stock market.

The lecture gave me the reason why we need to have the financial plan that was economic instability, increasing expenses, living longer and smaller family size. She demonstrated the graph about working life and taught how to calculate money for retirement. She said that we had to give money to ourselves in the future. Furthermore, she described more investment choices and specific words. For example, Bond is a loan an investor makes to an organization in exchange for interest payments. Common stock is a form of corporate equity ownership, a type of security. In the end, she explained about bear and bull symbols in this industry. The bull means rising prices and bear means falling prices.

My most favorite part is the stock simulation room, it is the place that you can experiment on the stock market. I can calculate how much did I know about the stock from this mini-game. In the beginning, you have to read news or information to be guides for choosing stocks. Then, you have to decide to sell or buy stocks depends on the situation. I think it is a really great idea to educate young student through simulation game. People can understand and learn without boredom.

This field trip was quite different from the usual subjects. I did not have much knowledge about investment, now I can understand about them. However, I used to think that financial is complicate subject to learn until I got knowledge from this trip. I can understand more about stocks and investment. Now, I have to think more about my future funds and financial plan.

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