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Peter Chanthanakone

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Peter Chanthanakone is an animator who is teaching animation at the University of Iowa. He made 15 movies in 15 years. For making animation, he travels a lot and takes many pictures to create mood and storytelling for his works. Moreover, He likes to experiment with colors to get inspiration for his work.

Peter started to explain the story behind all of his works to show his improvement from the beginning. ‘Winston’s shuttle’ is the first animation that he started to talk about. The character is his father’s face and the story was inspired by Noah. Peter said that he worked on this project with 3 computers. Making this story, he added some special details in his work such as his parent’s phone number. However, Peter had created over 15 amazing movies that I could not explain all of them.

There is my favorite work that he made name Parking Gods. It is a parody comedy short film about an old man who is trying to park his car. He said that is based on the true story that the audience can understand easily. It relates to our lives about parking a car. Making a story that relates to routine can get the audience’s attention. He said that he wanted to reflect USA police images who shot and arrested wrong people.

Lastly, Peter said that his motivation was from his past. It taught him to work hard for a better life. Meeting successful people has inspired me to improve the skills. Even though I do not study in animation route, Peter’s ambition has given me a lot of inspirations in terms of improving himself.

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