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Museum Siam

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

A field trip that brought us to the discovery museum that shows the national identity and history of Thailand. This place used to be a palace in King Rama 3 period, then King Rama 6 changed it into the government office, Ministry of Commerce. However, the government had changed this place into a modern learning center.

My most favorite room was only in Thailand. This room gathered Thainess things together that reminded me of my childhood memories. I think Thai people are creative for making such unique products that are only found in Thailand. The combination of two different things came out to represent Thainess. For example, drinking beer with ice is really common in Thailand, but the others countries do not do that. My favorite creative thing is a plastic handle for a coffee cup, it is really cool that you can drink cold drinks without touching the cup. I like the way that I can handle it like carrying a plastic bag.

Learning space is not only in the library, but it also can be this place. It has the variety of interesting interactive that people can understand information easily. Moreover, it can inspire audiences from their story in each room. Siam museum demonstrated people that learning is not only in a classroom. The student can understand Thainess through visual without reading books. It is touchable

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