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Millie Young

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

An amazing creative animator who has a passion for an elephant. She inspired me with the interesting story of her life. From the part that she talked about art in the school. The teacher made her ignore her artistic skill and focus on other subjects that led her to get A in science from the A-level test. On the other hand, she took another test about art, which she got  D. The interesting thing is she did not give up on art when she got that grade. She said ‘Take stock of who you are and ask what has shaped you?’. From that sentence, it inspired me to find something that I like and focus on it. Moreover, Millie showed her award-winning animation name ‘Tally bloody Ho!’ and other works. She told me about the technology that keeps changing from the past to the present, do not depend on it.

Listening to inspiring person’s opinion gives me a push to pursue my passion and dream. To ask myself what else can I do with what I do. It is such an amazing moment to get a chance to know her. I will apply her advice to my own lifestyle and never give up on what I do.

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