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I started an internship on Friday 1st June 2017 at social media content company name Soidea. It is a small agency, which has around 11 employees. The first day of the intern was quite, I did not talk much, but everyone was friendly and kind to me. The following weeks were getting better, I become close to everyone from playing board games after having lunch with them.

In my opinion, I really enjoyed the meeting, they spent 1 hour every Monday morning for everyone to talk about their story in an English version. They really pay attention to use international language, which is important for writing content. They have an English class every Tuesday evening after work with foreign teachers. Moreover, they organized short training about mindset every Friday. They gave me the new vision for improving myself. The purpose of training is giving a new perspective and synergy to the internship. I can apply this thinking process to my routine. Furthermore, I can apply these thinking process and mindset to my upcoming thesis project.

Working here is really different from university assignment. The manager will assign me artworks. All I have to do is creating works that similar to the brief. I do not have to make a content by myself or thinking about the concept for the audience. However, I have to develop the brief by using my creativity to design artwork. I had changed my perception about making graphics. I usually create work for myself, but now I need to think more about the target audience, their preference, and the branding. It was challenging to me to try a different style or technique. On the other hands, I had a chance to find myself and my style.

The last day of the internship, they arranged a small celebration for me and Ploy by ordering KFC for lunch. I would say that it was a great opportunity to be a part of this company. With everyone ages are quite young, I feel like I had bonded with them easily. They are more like sister and brother to me.

Here are some of my works that were posted on Facebook page.

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