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Fine dining

The last amazing lecture, Fine dining lesson with Vatel restaurant. All the students had to go to the Vatel’s classroom to learn table manners before having lunch. The lecturer started with the basics of reservation in different restaurants. For example, if you receive an invitation, you have to respond to the organizer.

She asked volunteers to demonstrate seating etiquette, which is the gentlemen have to let the lady sits first then he can have a seat. If the lady needs to go to the lady’s room, the gentleman has to stand up too. She gave information that I have never known before. I like the way that she taught us, which gave me a clear picture. She showed equipment and explained one by one. Unfortunately, I am left-handed, which most of the restaurants always set the table for right-handed. However, I can finally understand and use the eating equipment correctly. Before having lunch, she taught about dos and don’t for table manners.

During having lunch, we are not allowed to use our phone, so I did not take any photo of the foods. The atmosphere was better when I talked to my friends instead of using the phone. However, Vatel restaurant foods are delicate and delicious. I cannot believe that I ate all of them. Their dessert was amazing, the chocolate mousse was soft and mellow. I wished I could eat more than one, but it was not appropriate.

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