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Dr. Namfon Laistrooglai

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Today’s lecturer is a successful textile designer and business owner who gave me inspirational through about branding. She introduced herself with her textile works then she started to talk about branding.

She mentioned having DNA in your brand is one of the most important parts. You need to define your own DNA for the brand by being original and having the character, including making it in a friendly way for the consumer. Described your brand style to have stories about concept and ideas for the products. Even though your brand got copied, the produce still merchantable from being unique. She gave the suggestion to be above trend, do not follow it because the brand is a trend. Moreover, the important key for being successful is marketing strategies. Hiring a professional can fill the gaps that you cannot do by yourself and improve the brand’s identity. It needs many strategies for different platforms such as selling online store, department store or market.

Dr. Namfon used her shoe brand name ‘Devant’ (means forward) to be a case study. Knowing the target audiences is an important key for branding. It needs to be specified such as range of age groups, lifestyle or salary. For Devant, she created an imaginary customer with specific character and style. She did research on consumer insight. Asking about what do they want from shoes to different customers. Listening to feedbacks will give improvement to the brand. Furthermore, she did researches about competitors to learn their weakness and strength. She read comments through online media like Pantip and facebook.

I enjoyed learning about branding from her experience. Owning a business required a great teamwork from different people. She gave many information and guides about branding from her experiences. She explained her perspective that I can adapt to my work, which is really useful.

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